Otentik Sunshade

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The Original Sunshade

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Sand Bags Instead of Stakes / Wind resistant.

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Best Beach Solution

Fabric: Designed using the innovative Sensitive® Fabrics with UPF +50,that filter the sun's rays. offering a higher level of protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Sand Anchor: An anchor allowing optimal holding in the beach sand and is used as supporting weight. The sand anchor is built in a square shape which becomes a sand bag after filling it with sand. The fabric allows stretching to adjust the amount of sand.

Supporting Poll: Supporting poll made of coated iron. Comes in three different sizes compatible poll head for fabric.

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Extremely Easy To Set Up

Spread the fabric. For best shading results we recommend setting the shade up towards the wind's direction

Fill the sand bags.he sand bags (the anchors) should be filled to their maximum capacity.

Place the poles. Place the soft end of the support pole under the fabric. The fabric's pressure will compress the poles into the sand and stabilizes the shade.

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